Tesla Motors–Taking Risks with Panasonic?

Electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturers have recently shown their confidence in Panasonic batteries, as Tesla Motors opted to increase the amount of batteries they order from Panasonic to power their vehicles. Tesla Motors have previously done business with Panasonic – but the drastic increase was shocking. Tesla Motors had been ordering about 200 million a year up until now with this recent drastic increase being up to 2 billion a year. The two companies plan to stay in business with each other for a while, and are looking forward to seeing the success of their union if this deal goes through.

Now, while at first it seemed Tesla Motors had placed an enormous amount of confidence in Panasonic, they also decided to keep their options open. They will keep their deals with LG and Samsung to continue supplying cell shipments, while also keeping their new contracted 2 billion cells from Panasonic.

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