Cleveland Second-Cheapest City to Buy a Car!


A new report has been released detailing the ten most and least affordable places in America to purchase a vehicle, based on a analysis of over 4 million used vehicle listings.

Topping the list were Miami, Cleveland, New York and Stamford as the most affordable places while the least affordable cities were Fresno, Seattle and El Paso, Texas. Yes, Cleveland was ranked as the second-cheapest city to buy a car, at 5.75% less than the national average. Miami managed a whopping 8.02% cheaper than the national average, while Fresno was 7.8% more expensive. Overall, the analysts found that vehicles on the east coast were more affordable that those purchased on the west coast. With this information, American car buyers and sellers can make better decisions on a great investment, purchasing or selling a car. allows users to compare vehicle costs in metropolitan, rural and local areas. Go here for more information on buying or financing a car in Cleveland, or you can see the full report as a PDF file here.