Auto Loans in Cuyahoga Falls (OH)

Shopping for a new or used car or truck? Like the majority of Cuyahoga Falls car shoppers, it’s quite possible you will need an auto loan to afford the car you want. We help clients in Cuyahoga Falls daily who wish to put together their financing via the internet. Expect to be walked step by step through the process by a lending specialist in your city.

Car Loans for New Cars in Cuyahoga Falls

If you are looking to purchase a new car, be sure this sounds like you:

  • You don’t plan on selling the car before it is paid off.
  • You plan to provide around 20% of the sticker price in cash or trade.
  • You are comfortable with a car that is worth less than you owe .

A car loan is a larger responsibility than a lease, but financing a car gives you ownership of it.

Used Vehicle Financing in Cuyahoga Falls

Used vehicles, in all actuality, offer several advantages over brand new ones.

Lenders impose slightly higher rates on used vehicles, but down payments are not nearly as high as what they are for new cars and trucks that are similarly priced. For anyone who is anxious about maintenance, be sure you finance a a vehicle with low miles and exceptional reliability. In most situations, a used car is a better investment.

Cuyahoga Falls Bad Credit Car Loans

For the most part, loan providers assess your credit based on your auto-enhanced credit score. This score is reliant upon your previous experience with car loans and leases. Clearly, you don’t want to waste time seeking out a dealer or lender in Cuyahoga Falls that works with the lower end of the credit spectrum. We have the solution. At Buckeye Auto Finance, we specialize in serving clients at every point on the credit spectrum, getting them approved for the loans they need.

You want to buy a vehicle that fits your credit, not vice versa, so the financing talk usually comes before anything else.

To ensure that your application details are valid, you will usually have to present some documentation such as proof of income, proof of residence, and driver’s license. No matter your credit, there should be a vehicle for which you can get a loan. It’s best if the payments are roughly 5 to 10% of what you earn per month before taxes. If you earn $3,080 per month, this is a payment of $154 (5%) to $308 (10%).

Cuyahoga Falls Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Buy here pay here dealers typically help people who have severe credit problems like bankruptcy or foreclosure of a home. These dealers will finance practically anyone, no matter their credit, but there are disadvantages.

Sadly, you can look forward to excessive loan rates, high down payments, and older vehicles that are overpriced. If improving your credit score is important to you, you are better off applying through us, as buy here pay here car lots won’t help you improve your credit.

Cuyahoga Falls Income and Finances

  • Per-Year Income: $36,964
  • Income Per Month: $36,964
  • Recommended Car Payment: $154 to $308 (5-10% of monthly income)

Auto Financing in Cuyahoga Falls Based on Credit Tier

Are you wondering how much car is feasable? Check the table below. The rates of interest are only estimations, and the numbers are derived from $36,964 in annual income, the Cuyahoga Falls average. Loan length is 60 months.

Good Credit Fair Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Income $3,080 $3,080 $3,080
Monthly Payment $246 $246 $246
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Sticker Price $16,931 $15,555 $14,166
Down Payment $3,386 $3,111 $2,833
Interest Paid $1,239 $2,340 $3,451
Price with Interest $18,170 $17,895 $17,617