Tips on Traveling with Tech

Do you travel with your tech? If you are like most people, you cannot bear to be without your tech for too long. So, what happens when you travel? If you are the tech type, then that is an easy answer, the tech goes with you. Gone are the days of just packing clothing and personal care items. Today’s wearily travelers are also taking their tech with them as well. From smartphones and laptops to tablets, cellular hotspot, GPS, media players, music players, headphones, and everything in between. However, you should be aware that there are those that are lurking in an attempt to steal your tech. The last thing you need is for your computer to get compromised or have your technology wrecked. According to an article on Business Insider, when you have to travel whether locally or abroad there is no reason you can’t bring your tech along. The tech items that you should always have with you include: e-reader, noise-cancelling headphones, nomad key, smart luggage, Bluetooth keyboard, portable charger, travel router, laptop, universal adapter, standing case for tablets, and of course, your smartphone. While having access to these devices is great it is not great if others have access to your devices as well. According to an article, public Wi-Fi areas are dangerous zones for you to be in because that is where those lurkers lurk searching for information to steal. First thing you will want to do when you know you are planning on traveling is to secure your tech with password protection. Be sure your devices are password protected not only when they boot but when they awaken from sleep mode as well. This advice is not only for laptops but for phones and tablets too. Another good practice to follow is to protect your tech by setting up remote-locking, device-tracking and remote-wiping. These features can be enabled on your mobile devices ahead of time to ensure that your tech is safe from those that want to steal your info while you are traveling. Finally, make sure that all your data encrypted. Most operating systems offer full-disk encryption that can be enabled by default.

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